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Apple releases first public beta version of iOS 16.6

Apple today launched the first public beta version of iOS 16.6/iPadOS 16.6, allowing non-developers to participate in the testing process of the new system version. , Apple’s current development focus has been on the upcoming iOS 17/iPadOS 17. The public beta version launched this time does not introduce many new features, mainly focusing on fixing bugs, improving performance and improving background stability. , Apple released the first developer beta version of iOS 16.6 last Saturday. Due to Apple’s current restrictions on the system beta version, users cannot directly upgrade to the iOS 16.6 developer beta version through the installation description file. A developer account is required to Choose to upgrade to the beta version in settings. Hello, welcome to Aisi Assistant, which is used by 200 million iPhone users. We will often publish the latest industry information and write various useful and interesting Apple tutorials. Here you will gain interesting and practical iPhone black technology. Welcome to follow it with a star~

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