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What major updates will iOS 17 bring that are worth looking forward to?

The good news is that this year’s iPhone15 series of mobile phones are expected to be equipped with the Smart Island function as standard, and the iOS17 system will be fully optimized for its functions. The Smart Island on the iPhone 15 series will add "the interface after calling out Siri is integrated into the Smart Island area". It also supports dragging and dropping photos directly to the Smart Island, and then dragging them directly out to other apps. The sense of interaction is further enhanced, and the user's Experience perception is more obvious. The Control Center first appeared on September 18, 2013. Except for changing the Control Center from a pop-up interface to a full interface style in iOS 11, it has never been optimized. It is expected that the iOS17 system control center will most likely adopt an interface design similar to the macOS control center. Not only the buttons have been redesigned, but the brightness and volume have become horizontal adjustments, and Wi-Fi, mobile data and other switches are placed at the bottom of the control center. , and the original custom buttons may be placed in the smart island. , In addition, the new system’s Always on display settings will also be richer, allowing users to still see some information when the screen is turned off. When an application message is received on the lock screen, the iOS17 system can directly see the corresponding APP icon and specific quantity statistics without unlocking. iOS17 system desktop widgets will provide real-time interactive functions, allowing you to switch music, operate to-do items, etc. on the desktop. Users can also perform shortcut operations directly on the desktop through interactive widgets without having to enter the App. , Fortunately, the long-absent "split screen" is finally coming! Not only that, Apple is also expected to arrange the "killer feature" of the Android system - the multi-open App function. Once the new system can support multiple openings, clones, and clones, users with multiple WeChat accounts will no longer need to switch back and forth or use a backup machine. In addition, iOS 17 will also allow users to download and install Apps directly from the open Internet to their phones. In other words, users can directly bypass the App Store and download from third-party app stores. , iOS17 supported models. When Apple released the iOS 16 version last year, it eliminated as many as five old iPhone models in one fell swoop. The minimum requirement for the new system this time may be to start with the A12 chip, which means it will further eliminate three models. Launched in 2017, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the first notch screen iPhone X are equipped with A11 chips. iPhone

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