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Is iOS 16.4RC version worth updating? iOS16.4RC version upgrade recommendations

The iOS 16.4RC version has been released for two days. Let’s take a look at the feedback from users who have upgraded: When iPhone 14 is running the iOS 16.3.1 system, some shopping apps will experience slight lags and frame drops. At first, I thought it was a problem with the APP itself, but later After upgrading to the latest version, there will still be slight lags and frame drops. After upgrading to iOS16.4RC, these shopping apps no longer have lags and frame drops, and the sliding operation of the entire system is very smooth. , 2. Battery life, iPhone 14 often had a full signal but no network when running iOS 16.3.1. After upgrading to iOS 16.4RC, I observed that the signal was full for most of the day today, and also tested the full signal. The 5G network speed can reach 45MB per second, and the signal fluctuation is quite small. , many users say that upgrading the system to improve sound quality is nonsense. Maybe everyone’s ears have different feelings about sound quality. I personally think that iOS16.4RC has improved the bass effect this time, and the atmosphere of listening to European and American pop music is stronger. , for friends who often play games, iOS16.4RC has indeed lowered the temperature this time. The temperature of the mainstream Honor of Kings, Chicken, and Genshin Impact has dropped a bit compared to iOS16.3.1. When you do not play games on a daily basis, the fever is not It is clear. , During the iOS system update process, Apple usually launches a quasi-official version as a preview version of iOS for developers and the public to test and try out. These semi-official updates usually contain many new features and improvements, but may also have some issues. For example, in iOS 16.4RC, the notification center may jump randomly when refreshing notifications; typing still makes loud noises, and this problem has lasted for more than three years; Honor of Kings still drops frames, and it has not been perfectly adapted to iOS 16, etc. Apple fans who are familiar with Apple know that the RC version is basically the official version. Judging from the current experience, iOS16.4RC is very mature. Users who like to try new things can immediately use Aisi Assistant to upgrade to the iOS16.4RC version. , if you really have obsessive-compulsive disorder, then wait for the official version of iOS 16.4. It is expected that the official version of iOS 16.4 will be officially launched next Tuesday.

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