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Google Meet Legacy App Application Download


Google Meet, a popular video conferencing and online collaboration platform, has become an essential tool for remote work, virtual meetings, and distance learning. As part of Google's suite of productivity applications, Google Meet's iOS app offers seamless access to its powerful features on the go. In this article, we will explore the history of Google Meet on iOS, taking a journey through its old versions and highlighting the significant impact it has had on virtual communication.

The Genesis of Google Meet on iOS

Google Meet, originally known as Google Hangouts Meet, was developed by Google as a business-oriented video conferencing solution. It was initially launched in 2017 as a part of the G Suite offering (now known as Google Workspace) to cater to the growing demand for remote collaboration tools.

Old Versions and Evolution

Version 1.0 (2017):

The first version of Google Meet on iOS arrived in 2017, bringing the power of video conferencing to iPhone and iPad users. At its inception, the app primarily focused on enabling users to join video meetings hosted by G Suite accounts. The interface was intuitive, allowing users to connect with colleagues and clients effortlessly.

Version 2.0 (2018):

Building on user feedback and advancements in technology, Google Meet's second version introduced several enhancements to improve the user experience. The app received performance optimizations, making video calls smoother and more reliable. Additionally, new features were introduced, such as screen sharing and chat functionality, which facilitated seamless collaboration during meetings.

Version 3.0 (2019):

In 2019, Google rebranded its G Suite as Google Workspace, and Google Meet was integrated into this new ecosystem. The third version of the iOS app embraced the Google Workspace branding and underwent further refinements to align with the suite's unified design language. Moreover, this update emphasized improved security measures, essential for enterprise-level communication.

Version 4.0 (2020):

The global pandemic in 2020 brought about a significant surge in remote work and online meetings, making video conferencing apps more critical than ever. To meet the increasing demand, Google Meet's fourth version expanded its capabilities, allowing up to 250 participants in a single meeting for enterprise users. It also made several interface improvements, making it easier for users to manage their meetings and settings.

Version 5.0 (2021):

In its fifth version, Google Meet on iOS continued to refine the user experience and bring feature parity with the web version. This update introduced breakout rooms, enabling meeting hosts to create smaller group discussions within a larger meeting. Additionally, the app improved its integration with Google Calendar, simplifying scheduling and joining meetings directly from the calendar interface.


Google Meet's evolution on iOS stands as a testament to its significance in the realm of remote work and online collaboration. From its humble beginnings as Google Hangouts Meet to its current iteration as a flagship app within the Google Workspace suite, Google Meet has continuously adapted to meet the changing needs of its users.

As businesses and institutions continue to embrace flexible work models, Google Meet on iOS remains a vital tool for connecting teams, fostering collaboration, and overcoming geographical barriers. With each new version, Google Meet has proven its commitment to delivering a seamless and secure video conferencing experience, making it a preferred choice for professionals worldwide.

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